Which Bike Was It? Strava Ride Classification with R

Every month, Google gives me a summary of how much much I’ve traveled. It’s really cool to look at, but one creepy feature about it is that it gives me a breakdown of how much I’ve traveled by medium. There are even motorcycle riders’ blogs where discussions have taken place about how Google know’s they’ve ridden their motorcycles as opposed to their cars. Read On →

Light It Red: Exploring Bell Tower Celebrations with R

NC State Belltower Among the sights to see when taking a trip to Raleigh is NC State’s iconic Belltower. Erected as a monument to honor fallen soldiers of WW1, the memorial Belltower has become a symbol of pride for NC State students and alumni. On any given night, the bell tower might have a red illumination. Red bell tower lightings signify special achievements made by NC State organizations and staff as well as memorial holidays. Read On →

Analyzing US Research and Development Spending for Tidy Tuesday and SWD Challenge

I’m attempting to kill two birds (or two twitter hashtags) with one stone here. This is my first attempt at analyzing a weekly #tidytuesday data set; additonally, it’s my first go at the the monthly #swdchallenge. #TidyTuesday The data for week 7 of Tidy Tuesday is a group of datasets that detail US federal research and development spending by agency. ## [1] "department" "year" "rd_budget" ## [4] "total_outlays" "discretionary_outlays" "gdp" With there only being a a handful of features of the dataset, I thought first to see how R&D spending changed throughout time. Read On →

Getting Author-level blog performance from Google Analytics

Blogging has become common practice among businesses looking to connect with their customers. Behind every blogging operation though is a team of authors full of industry knowhow. Giving writers a way to track their performance can compel them to write better and more often. Using R and Google Analytics, I was able to aggregate blog traffic for my coworkers. Google Analytics is a commonly used tool for tracking site usage, and the googleAnalyticsR package is a great API wrapper for getting its data into R. Read On →